Swimming lesson with Francesca :)

I have also received a beautiful comment from her parents! :

“Together with my husband, we really want to thank you for the confidence you have managed to give Fran.  Although at first she was very hesitant to swim in the sea, now she is swimming very well.  It seems that Francesca wants to spend every minute in the water.  She is jumping into the sea from the boat and doing dolphin and superman dives. As you had explained to me, it’s no use forcing her, but using your  suggestion and playing alot with her in the water made her  feel reassured. The most incredible thing is that now she prefers swimming in deep sea than shallow water.   Seeing her enjoying the sea so much makes us so happy and we believe that it’s all thanks to your patience and dedication throughout the lessons you have given her.  Well done and take care!”

Well done Fran, I am very proud of you and happy that you becoming a great little swimmer! 🙂


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