In UK, where I had lived for about 4 years, I worked as a swimming teacher and I worked with disabled people, adults with learning difficulties and children with special needs. One day, in the beginning of 2008, I had decided that I would like to connect both and started searching internet for a right course for myself. I had found Halliwick Foundation Course in London, where I lived at that time. It seemed just perfect for me – teaching disabled people swimming… On the course, I got exactly what I was looking for – I learnt about a concept of Halliwick, met the maxim of “ABILITY not DISABILITY” and fun and lovely people!

After that, I had decided to be a volunteer in Halliwick club, to carry on with their concept, get more experience and meet more people.

In March 2008 I joined The Kensington Emperors Swimming Club for disabled people. We met every Friday night to swim with kids and adults. I found there an amazing atmosphere, people and unforgettable experience. A year later, I did Halliwick Advanced Course.

In April 2009 I came to Malta. Of course I wanted carry on with Halliwick over here. I was searching for some club or schools where Halliwick is in use. I did not find a club, but I have found San Miguel School… From London I got contact details of Ms Christine Grech (Association of Halliwick Malta). I had sent an email to the San Miguel School and Ms Christine – offering my willing to become their volunteer. Then I had met Ms Christine and she took me to the school. Halliwick Malta is all about this school. I feel really lucky, because again, I have met amazing people and professionals. I have been volunteering nearly every day for 2 months (May, June), then summer holiday break and since October ‘09 on the weakly basis.

In San Miguel I have learnt every day something new. Not every child is the same. They enjoy Halliwick so much! The way and methods teachers use at San Miguel pool are so professional. They are very experienced and confident. There is fun and passion.

I am so glad and happy that I could meet all this people and children in Malta.

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