Does my baby need to be fully immunised?

The current recommendation from health visitors is that babies do not need to have completed their first immunisations before they go swimming.

Do parents need to be confident swimmers?

No, although parents need to be in the pool with the babies, the pools are shallow enough for parents to stand up. I am fully trained and experienced in helping parents to feel confident in the water. I will provide buoyancy aids for floating exercises and assist with the submersion exercises for your child if you do not want to go underwater, although it is a wonderful experience to share with your child.

Do the classes include submersion?

Submersion is an element of my classes and is not the main focus. The exercises are very gentle, for a few seconds only facing the parent, flopping or jumping in from the side progressing to duckling dives between two adults. Submersion is only undertaken when both parent and child are ready and happy in the water. Enforced submersion when a child is not happy can distress them. I will advise and guide you in the submersion techniques and exercises.

When will my child swim independently?

Every child will progress at their own pace. My aim is to introduce a child to the enjoyment of water and teach swimming and safety skills in a non-competitive environment.

What does my baby need to wear in the water?

Double swim nappy system for all babies and toddlers until they are toilet-trained. The double nappy system is a disposable swim nappy underneath an outer swim nappy, and this is a common requirement amongst all good swim schools. The top nappy should fit closely enough to form a tight seal around the waist and thighs. This is to prevent the possibility of leaking nappies which can lead to swimming pools having to close to be cleaned.

Babies must wear TWO special swim nappies.
1. There are water proof nappies widely available from supermarkets
and baby shops (Pavi, Smart, Scott Sliema).
2. On top of it a special swim nappy which has a tight seal around the
leg and has been specially designed for baby swim schools.

See here the examples:

I have available Bambino Mio swim nappy for sale- all sizes:

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