Starting Baby Swimming

The policy of the STA, with regard to introducing babies to aquatic activities is:

• Babies should only be introduced to water in line with the most recent recommendations from the Department of Health. The current recommendation, at the date of publication, is “your baby does not need any immunisations before they go swimming”.

• The teacher should ensure that the midwife, health visitor or doctor is happy for the baby to be introduced to a public swimming pool.

• The water and air temperature must be higher than for normal public swimming; at least 30°C (32°C for babies under 3 months old or weighing less than 5.5 kilos/12 lbs).

• Baby swimming during the first six month should not take place in sea-water.

• Babies should wear specialised waterproof nappies, and ideally double nappies, to prevent leakage.

• Very careful introduction must be carried out to prevent a long-term fear of water being developed.

• The teaching of babies and infants should only be undertaken by holders of a suitable specialist teaching certificate such as the STA Baby and Pre-School Certificate

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