Something Special

  This is my sweet and naughty Rhodesian Ridgeback dog – Imara Leoginger. She is my special, beauty, and has already changed my life completely! I am absolutely crazy about this dog! Imara isn’t just another dog…She is my lifestyle! Before I got her, I was so sure of my dog experience. Now, I have to learn from the basic. I bought new books, I learn completely new things and the most important – all the staff about positive training and a clicker training, which she responds the best. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are very very very (…) challenging dogs to live with 🙂 They are highly intelligent, sensitive, independed and energetic (for sure they will keep you fit! 🙂 But that’s what makes them special 🙂 I love my girl!! Imara came from Poland, from a lovely domestic kennel LeoGinger Her mother is LIANA Sarnia Przelecz and the father MKAI Leoridge     My beautiful girl! 9 months old..  But, still a playful puppy 🙂   Ridgeback on trekking 🙂   Imara & Friends   Imara’s smile! 🙂

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